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As the producer, I make sure things happen: when they’re supposed to, within budget , and looking good. The producer is the person the client can count on to develop the script into a successful communication piece.

It’s gathering the many pieces necessary for a successful production. Casting outstanding talent, pulling together a quality crew, finding the props and locations to sell the story, searching for cost-saving stock images, lining up good deals with vendors and suppliers, booking time with a proper post-house, generating the needed graphics, posting the project – picture and sound, and finally, guiding duplication and distribution.

As the director, I make the decisions that show up on the screen. How a particular line is delivered. What a character will wear, or an icon will look like. What the camera is seeing and what we want to hear.

I have directed TV commercials, live talk shows, taped broadcast programs, corporate training and marketing videos, and video support of live presentations. I've worked with celebrities, CEOs, department heads, client customers, children, and many quality professional talent.

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